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Training for the Work Ahead: The RTIM Global Internship

Last week, Reaching & Teaching launched its Global Internship—a two-year program intended to equip men and women with ecclesiological and missiological tools and instincts that will prepare them for whatever assignments the Lord has for them. I’m excited about this…

My Life Changed at CROSS 2013 . . . But Not in the Way You’d Think

It was the winter of 2013, and I was the last of my siblings still living at home. So when my parents agreed to participate in the first CROSS Conference, I tagged along for what would be a much colder…

Open Letter to Student Missions Conference Attendees

Dear Brother or Sister, Last week, I had the joy of seeing several thousand students descend upon my city for Cross Conference. Perhaps you were among that group! Regardless, I’m thankful that you spent part of your Christmas holiday attending…

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