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Changes in Cuenca, Part 3: Now What?

Last week, we continued our series on Cuenca by examining the changes observed among Cuencan Millennials. This week, we’ll end our series by looking more deeply into how religious worldviews are changing in Ecuador and what that means for ministry…

Changes in Cuenca, Part 2: Religious Indifference

Last week, we began looking at the changes in Cuencan youth by examining the history of Ecuador. This week, we’ll dive into the changes observed among Cuencan Millennials and why these changes may be happening. Prior to moving to Ecuador,…

Changes in Cuenca, Part 1: History

After growing up in the United States and now living and serving as a missionary in Cuenca, Ecuador, for the past two years, I have experienced firsthand the major cultural differences between the two cultures. These differences are evident in…

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