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Our Mission

Since 2009, Reaching & Teaching has worked to meet the enormous need for theological training around the world. An estimated 85% of the world’s Christian leaders have little to no access to formal theological training. In many places, theological training infrastructure and the availability of theological resources have lagged behind the growth of the church, severely limiting the health of local churches.

Reaching & Teaching aims to make mature disciples, establish healthy churches, and train local leaders. Our mission is to advance the gospel worldwide through long-term missionary mobilization, short-term theological training trips, ministry apprenticeships, and strategic church partnerships.

Our Leadership

Our President, Ryan Robertson has served in executive leadership positions for public companies and other non-profit organizations, and has been a board member of several different charities. Ryan has served as President since April 2020.

Our History

For our first five years, Reaching & Teaching focused exclusively on short-term theological training trips. We started with a single site in Ecuador and we now have sent teams to over 60 sites. Over the past 11 years, we’ve provided teaching to over 1600 pastors and church leaders through nearly 300 trips.

In 2013, Reaching & Teaching began serving as a sending agency for long-term missionaries. We now have missionaries serving around the globe, on four different continents. Our missionaries employ various strategies to make mature disciples, strengthen churches, and train pastors and church leaders.

We also have a stateside team of staff members who facilitate the work of the ministry and provide valuable support to our field personnel.

Our Future

The need around the world is grave, and opportunities to help strengthen local churches are overwhelming. We are committed to sending more missionary teams, facilitating short-term theological trips, providing opportunities for ministry apprenticeships, and strategically partnering with churches.

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