Our Process


Has your local church affirmed your gifting and
readiness for long-term ministry?

The Application & Onboarding Process

There are a few boxes to check before you’re ready to launch into your first international assignment. The entire process typically takes 12 to 18 months. Find out what to expect during that time frame.

From Application to Appointment

Start with a conversation with a Mobilizer who will help you understand whether Reaching & Teaching is a good fit for you.

Throughout the process, we will connect with your sending church to hear their assessment of your desire and gifting for the field.

A Mobilizer will give you a link to our initial application which includes your personal testimony and references.

Once we have your application, our team will contact you to set up a first interview so we can learn more about you.

After hearing from our team, you will complete and submit our Theological Questionnaire, and fill out an in-depth Confidential Questionnaire.

After submitting the Theological and Confidential Questionnaire, we will set up a second interview with you and a few members of our Global Leadership Team.

If it isn't already clear, we will be in conversation with your sending church to determine what setting will be the best fit for you, based on your desires, gifts, and the opportunities in front of you.

The final step prior to appointment is an interview with the President.

Once our president approves your application and interview process, he will submit your profile to our Board of Directors for appointment.

From Appointment to the Field

Attend a two-day bootcamp to learn how to build a robust team of support partners. We provide ongoing coaching and resources to ensure that you are well-supported before you ever go on assignment. All global workers are required to raise 100% of their support prior to leaving.

Complete the week-long, cross-cultural training and orientation program hosted by our team.

Once you’ve raised all of your financial support and have been cleared by your Regional Leader, you are ready to deploy!

Take Action

Talk to Us About Becoming a
Long-term Missionary

We long to see mature disciples, healthy churches, and trained leaders in every place around the world, and are praying for more laborers for the harvest. There are a variety of ways that you can serve long-term using your unique gifts, so sign up here to talk with a Mobilizer. We would love to hear more about the desires, gifts, and opportunities that God has given you.