What part will you play?

Whether you desire to move overseas as a Long-term Missionary, want to meet critical needs on a Short-term Mission Trip, or are looking for ways to mobilize your church towards global missions, we want to help you faithfully obey your part in the Great Commission.


“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20


Training Trips

Do you have the gift of teaching and a heart for ministry? If so, let’s work together to provide theological education and leadership training to church pastors and leaders around the world. We’ll cover the logistics and lead you and a small group of other trainers on a one to two-week-long training trip. You’ll work alongside our established global partners and provide crucial teaching using our nine-module training program. Together we can begin to close the gap on theological education and raise up mature disciples.



Are you passionate about seeing Jesus worshiped among all nations? Has the Holy Spirit laid long-term, global ministry work on your heart? We want to come alongside men and women whom the local church has discipled and affirmed for such work. Fulfill your calling to reach all people groups with the gospel, and join one of our international teams. There are a variety of ways that you can serve long-term using your unique giftings. Together we can provide deep discipleship and equip local church leaders so that they can build effective, healthy churches where the gospel is spread.

Preview Day

Expand Your Missions Horizons

Whether you desire to move overseas as a long-term global worker or are looking for ways to mobilize your church towards global missions, our Preview Day is a great place to learn more about the heart and opportunities of Reaching & Teaching. We would love to have you join us!

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Short-term Trips
Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your Short-term Trips?

Typical trips include 5 days of teaching and 2 days of travel for a total of 7 days. Additional travel days may be required due to the remote nature of some training locations or the limited number of flights within some countries. We strive to make travel as efficient as possible.

Are there opportunities for women to serve on Short-term Trips?

Yes! We recognize the importance of training women to study the Bible and make disciples. We are continually exploring opportunities for women to serve on our trips. Learn about some of the current opportunities here!

Do you need to have a theological degree to participate on a teaching team?

No, you do not need a theological degree to participate or teach on one of our trips, but you do need to be apt to teach and possess ministry experience. Additionally, some training sites offer other ministry outlets during the trip that will allow those who are not seeking to teach alternate ministry avenues.

What are the requirements to participate on a trip?

In order to participate on our short-term trips, you must be a follower of Jesus Christ, be in good standing with your local church, and have a desire to use your time to equip the church around the globe. You must be at least 18 years old and complete the trip application online. Completing the application does not guarantee that you will be accepted for the trip. The application is simply the first step to be considered by RTIM. Additionally, you must meet these requirements:

Theological: RTIM operates under the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and The Gospel Coalition Statement Confessional Statement. All trip participants must adhere to one of these two statements of faith.

Medical/Health: Many training sites are remote and may be challenging for a person with certain health concerns to minister in a given setting. For this reason, we work carefully with applicants who have health restrictions/concerns to insure that every person is able to have a safe and healthy trip. If you have specific medical concerns, please contact the Director of Short-Term Ministries to discuss which sites would be best to consider.

Are other ministry opportunities available during the week?

At some training sites there are additional ministry opportunities. The most common opportunities include preaching in local churches and other gospel ministry. These are not available at all locations.

Will an interpreter be provided?

Yes. When needed, we will provide a translator for teaching and general communication.

How do I know which trips are open to participate?

View trips here to see which trips are “active” and accepting applications. If you would like to register a team larger than 3 participants, please contact us before applying so we can ensure that your whole team will be able to participate on the trip that you are considering.

How much do Short-term trips typically cost?

Short-term trips average around $2,000 with some trips costing more and some costing less. Airfare has the most significant impact on the cost of a trip.

What does the cost of the trip cover?

The cost of your trip covers airfare, ground transportation, food and water, lodging, translators, trip insurance, and an administrative fee. When traveling to countries that require a visa, there is an additional cost with the visa agency. We provide the necessary information for processing visas.

May I purchase my own airfare for my trip?

No. For liability and logistical reasons, we must purchase all airline tickets for short-term trips.

Will Reaching & Teaching help me raise support for my trip?

We provide coaching and guidance on raising support for your trip; however, we cannot provide any financial assistance for trip participants.

Does the cost of the trip cover immunization and medical expenses?

No. The cost of the trip does not include immunizations or pre-trip medical expenses. We recommend that individuals consult with their doctor before participating on a trip. We also recommend that the person visit the US Department of State’s website concerning the country of travel. For each trip we purchase travel insurance that covers emergency medical costs during the trip.

Under what circumstances might a trip be rescheduled or cancelled?

A trip may be modified due to political unrest, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances. Our first priority is to reschedule your trip in conjunction with both the students and the traveling teaching team. If this is not possible, we will help you choose another trip.

May I tack on a sightseeing trip to either end of the short-term trip?

No. Trip participants are not able to extend a short-term trip before or after the official trip.

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Long-term Missionary
Frequently Asked Questions

In what countries do Reaching & Teaching’s long-term missionaries serve?

Our missionaries are not restricted to any particular country or region. We are now deploying missionaries across the globe. For security reasons, we cannot list all the countries in which we serve; however, we are excited about the opportunities God has provided from South America to South Asia.

Where would Reaching & Teaching love to send Long-term Missionaries?

We currently send long-term missionaries to form teams in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. However, we desire to see our missionaries spread around the world.

In what types of ministries could I serve?

We want to support each missionary's discerning calling, with the primary focus being a balanced missiology that focuses on evangelism and church planting as well as discipleship and leadership development among the people groups of the world.

What would the next year look like if I apply?

It generally takes between 12 and 18 months for an applicant to leave on their assignment after submitting their initial inquiry. See our application process to learn more about what you’ll be doing during this time.

Would I raise my own support?

Yes. Missionaries raise the finances necessary for their life and ministry on the field. We provide ongoing organizational support to our missionaries from the time of initial support-raising, through language training, and while on the mission field.

How much money do I need to raise?

The amount of money that our missionaries raise depends heavily upon their ministry location and the size of their family. Missionaries should expect to raise at least $50,000 for annual salary and an additional $50,000-80,000 for one-time deployment and training costs.

What happens if I lose support while on the field?

We recommend that each missionary raise a 2-3 month surplus to avoid debilitating funding situations. However, if funds dip below 85%, we will require the missionary to return to the U.S. to reignite support efforts. We encourage all of our missionaries to maintain excellent, helpful communication with their support partners. If a missionary heads to the field fully funded with 2-3 months reserves and communicates well with his financial partners, only an extreme circumstance would require him to come home for support reasons.

Who handles logistics?

Our missionaries are responsible to handle their own housing, medical, and transportation logistics. If the missionary chooses, we can provide counsel and help wherever possible, such as providing travel logistical support. Concerning financial logistics, Reaching & Teaching contracts with Cedarstone Partners to handle HR matters, payroll, ministry expense reimbursements, donor receipts, and more.

How often would I come back to the states?

It’s common for our long-term missionaries to take a furlough every three to four years. We ask that all missionaries remain on the field during the first year of language acquisition.

What educational options abroad are there for my children?

Children’s education quality and options vary from country to country. We can certainly provide counsel and examples of what other missionaries have chosen for their family, but the decision is ultimately left to the missionary parents. Some of our missionaries send their kids to public or private school, while others choose to homeschool.

Do you provide medical, dental, or retirement benefits?

No. We do not provide these benefits, but we encourage each missionary to raise sufficient funds to provide for these. While we require each missionary to have health insurance that provides coverage abroad and at home, it is the missionary's responsibility to procure the insurance.