Brian Pate

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Good News for Weak Missionaries

I’m writing this from a place of weakness, and you should know that right up front. My experience is inadequate, my knowledge is insufficient, and my competence is laughable. I don’t have what it takes to be a missionary. Last…

Pilgrims in a Pandemic

Sometimes it takes a worldwide pandemic to remind us who we truly are. Was it really just last month that we could shop without worrying about empty shelves? Was it really only a few weeks ago that our retirement seemed…

So You Want to Be a Missionary? How to Move Forward While You’re Waiting

I hit “send” on the application to RTIM. I was excited, and a little nervous. Months of praying, researching, and planning had led to this moment. My wife and I had worked hard on the application for RTIM, and finally…

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