The Institute for Church-Centered Missions offers resources and training opportunities for current global workers, sending church pastors, church members, and aspiring missionaries.

Institute Cohorts

The Institute provides internal cohorts that cover practical theological and missiological topics and external cohorts that address issues related to sending missionaries and building and supporting a church-centered missions strategy. Cohorts are led by Reaching & Teaching personnel and other subject matter experts partnering with RTIM and seek to complement existing training available at seminaries and equipping organizations such as Radius International & Radical.

Institute Fellows

Trusted teachers for the strengthening of Reaching & Teaching Global Workers and local churches on practical matters of church-centered missions.

Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett
Director of Long-term Ministries, Reaching & Teaching
Grace Baptist Church

Cohort: Missiology


Matt Boswell
Pastor, The Trails Church

Cohort: Worship


Nathan Knight
Pastor, Restoration Church

Cohort: Church Planting


Jonathan Leeman
Editorial Director, 9Marks
Elder, Cheverly Baptist Church

Cohort: Ecclesiology

Ryan 500

Ryan Robertson
President, Reaching & Teaching
Elder, Third Avenue Baptist Church

Cohort: Leadership


Mack Stiles
Director, Messenger Ministries
Third Avenue Baptist Church

Cohort: Evangelism

External Cohorts

The Sending Church

Missions 101

Sending-Church Summit

Assisting local churches in their mission to send qualified missionaries to the ends fo the earth.

This biannual event includes a Preview Day with Reaching and Teaching and plenary sessions and breakouts designed to assist and equip local churches in missionary pre-field preparation, strategy, and missionary care.

Missiology Summit

Addressing important questions about what it looks like to be faithful to the Great Commission in our day.

This biannual event brings together global workers from around the world to engage with missiological topics and methods, to address the broader mission world. The Summit produces the peer-reviewed RTIM Missiological Journal.


Global Internship


Discover how the local church is the means and ends of missions.

The Global Ecclesiology and Missiology Internship is a 16-month internship designed to train the next generation to understand and apply biblical convictions about the local church and the call to make disciples of all nations.

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