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Should Hell Motivate Missionaries?

Guest article by Paul Schlehlein When two years of appeals for South Sea missionaries failed, John Paton’s Scottish denomination succumbed to desperate measures: the casting of lots. The congregation sat in hushed silence as the elders examined the paper votes….

Should Missionaries Be Married or Single?

A decade ago, some extraordinary circumstances temporarily thwarted my plans for the mission field. I was on the cusp of assailing West Africa when I learned that this particular field was out, and so was the sending agency. A few…

Does Belief in God’s Sovereignty Kill Missionary Zeal?

Guest article by Paul Schlehlein, missionary in South Africa John Paton’s wife and child died before the boxes were unpacked.  He and his family had been on the tiny South Pacific island of Tanna for less than three months, beaming…

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