Missions at a Glance: July 29

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Missions at a Glance spotlights the past week’s articles and resources relating to global missions. We trust that it will encourage your faithful obedience to our King’s Commission.

Four Biblical Foundations for Contextualization

At 9Marks, Zane Pratt reminds us that contextualization does not just take place in a foreign context, but wherever the gospel is preached. The question is not whether Christians will try to make the gospel and the church “at home” in their specific culture, but rather if they will do it well. In this helpful piece, Pratt offers four biblical foundations for contextualizing the gospel in a biblical and loving way.

The Foreigner Among Us

With immigration at the front of public discourse in this election cycle, it is difficult for Christians to think about the migrant crises from a kingdom perspective rather than a political one. This engaging video highlights the immense opportunity for Christians in the States as the nations flood our way.

Caring for the Missionary’s Soul

At The Upstream Collective, Zach Bradley gives theological grounds and practical help for churches to care for their missionaries well.

The Cost of Gospel Goodbyes

While this article is not missions-specific, the principles certainly apply. At the Acts 29 blog, Steve Timmis speaks to the pain of saying goodbye in sending and being sent, yet also to the glory that awaits those who sacrifice comfort and proximity for the sake of Jesus.

9 Pitfalls to Avoid on the Field

In this immensely practical piece, Mike Pettengill lays out several pitfalls that often ensnare missionaries, especially early in their ministry.

Home Can Be a Shocking Place for Returning Missionaries

It’s easy to understand the cultural stress placed upon missionaries when they dive headlong into a new culture with a new language, new customs, new everything. Often forgotten is the culture shock that awaits missionaries when they return home. In this testimony, Elliot Clark discuss the ways that even life in the American church was jarring upon his return from serving in the Middle East.

Jon Deedrick

Jon is the Executive Vice President of Reaching & Teaching, having assumed this role after leading the ministry through a time of transition as Interim President. The Deedricks live in Louisville, KY, and belong Third Avenue Baptist Church, where Jon serves as an elder. Jon is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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