Our Approach

The Need

85% of pastors have no formal theological training.

The lack of access to theological education leaves the global church susceptible to false teaching and hinders them from being able to build up the body and equip believers.

Around the World

Meeting the Need

We exist to close the gap on theological education worldwide. We provide culturally appropriate discipleship and training to church leaders around the world through long-term missionary mobilization, short-term theological training trips, ministry apprenticeships, and strategic church partnerships so that local pastors are well equipped to build healthy churches.

Our Vision

Healthy Churches Making Mature Disciples

We believe that healthy local churches are God’s chosen means for making mature disciples in their communities. When pastors are equipped to teach God’s Word and shepherd their church, the gospel is spread throughout the world.

Make Mature Disciples

Establish Healthy Churches

Train Local Leaders

Short-term Training Trips

Closing the Gap on Theological Education

We facilitate and lead Short-term Training Trips in partnership with our established global partners. Using a nine-module training program, these trips provide theological education and leadership training to church pastors and leaders around the world.

The Training Roadmap for Men

Our nine-module training program is designed to provide holistic pastoral preparation to local church leaders globally. Each section includes 30 to 40 hours of teaching during a one-week training session. These trainings typically occur at each site three times a year for three years in order to cover all nine modules.

Module 01Old Testament

Old Testament

Overview of the Old Testament

Bible Intake

God’s Call to Ministry

Module 02New Testament

New Testament

Overview of the New Testament


The Pastor’s Character

Module 03Hermeneutics




Shepherding God’s Flock

Module 04Church Doctrine

Church Doctrine

Christian Doctrine

Scripture Memorization


Module 05Church History

Church History

Church History


Developing Leaders

Module 06Ecclesiology





Module 07Missions & Church Planting

Missions & Church Planting

Missions and Church Planting


Community Engagement

Module 08Homiletics




Church Finances

Module 09Family Ministry & Counseling

Family Ministry & Counseling

Family Ministry and Counseling

Silence in Solitude

Church Discipline

Growing Biblical Literacy Among Women

Our Women's Discipleship curriculum is designed to provide deep discipleship and a holistic preparation for mentorship roles within the local church. Our six-module institute follows this curriculum roadmap.

The Training Roadmap for Women

The Insitute offers two options: Track I is a shortened format of 2-3 days, and occurs at a site two times per year for three years. Track II utilizes a 4-5 day time frame and also occurs at a site two times per year for three years.

Module 01Overview of the Bible

Overview of the Bible

Overview of Old and New Testaments

Bible Intake

Module 02Hermeneutics


The Origins of the Bible


The Seven Arrows Method of Interpretation

Study in Colossians

Module 03Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview

Christian Doctrines

World View


Module 04Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood


Scripture Memorization

Module 05Marks of a Healthy Church

Marks of a Healthy Church

Healthy Church

Church Membership


Module 06Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Teacher Training for Service in the Local Church

Biblical Perspective on Teaching

Practice Lesson Planning

Long-term Missions


Providing Quality Resources and Training

We send teams of global missionaries who are passionate about seeing Jesus worshiped among all nations. Team members serve in a variety of capacities and are essential to providing deep discipleship and equipping local church leaders so that they can build effective, healthy churches where the gospel is spread.

Strategic Church Partnerships

Mobilizing Churches to Go

We seek to train and send churches across North America and beyond to share in the work of Christ’s Great Commission. Partners provide ongoing theological education to local church leaders around the world so they can effectively reach their communities with the gospel of Christ.

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Expand Your Missions Horizons

Whether you desire to move overseas as a Long-term Missionary or are looking for ways to mobilize your church towards global missions, our Preview Weekend is a great place to learn more about the heart and opportunities of Reaching & Teaching. We would love to have you join us!

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Explore Long-term Opportunities

Respond to the Lord’s assignment for your life and join one of our international teams in a variety of capacities.

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Church Partner

Are you looking for ways your church can faithfully obey Christ’s Great Commission? We have multiple ways to help you mobilize your church.

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