Missions at a Glance: August 12

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Missions at a Glance spotlights the past week’s articles and resources relating to global missions. We trust that it will encourage your faithful obedience to our King’s Commission.

John Piper’s Prayer for a Family of Five

On Sunday morning, July 31, Jamison and Kathryne Pals and their three children, Ezra, Violet, and Calvin, were ushered into heaven together, dying in a tragic car accident on their way to missionary training in preparation for gospel ministry in Japan. At the funeral, John Piper delivered the pastoral prayer (link includes audio and the transcript). Here’s a small portion of the prayer:

“…And we pray for the young people who remain — in this church and throughout the world — that they may find the love of their lives — their Kathryne, their Jamison — and embrace together the second proposal Jamison made — to lead the family in obedience — “whether it is life or death or discomfort or disappointment . . . to take up our cross — just as he did — to suffer and die” (April 15). Lord, in the name of Jesus, and by the blood of these five, I ask, raise up — raise up! — a legion of replacements for the global glory of his imperial Majesty, Jesus Christ. Forbid that any of your children would hear of this news, and waste their lives on trifles.”

“God Made Me for China” – Eric Liddell Beyond Olympic Glory

Most know Eric Liddell, “The Flying Scot,” as the sprinter who won Olympic gold in 1924 after refusing to run on Sunday, a story famously depicted in the movie Chariots of Fire. However, as Albert Mohler helpfully reminds us, Liddell built his greatest legacy after his Olympic glory as he served as a missionary to China, eventually dying in a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

Take a Quiz on Explaining Your Faith to a Muslim

How well do you know what a Muslim believes about Jesus and how to counter his/her beliefs with evidence for Christianity? Could you explain your faith effectively to a adherent of Islam? At challies.com, take a quiz on well you know how to share the gospel with a Muslim.

Do You Have Any Absolute Non-Negotiables?

At the MTW Blog, Rebe McReynolds reminds us that what we often consider to be “non-negotiables” for our life are often constructed by our western, North American context. Our only absolute non-negotiable should be Jesus Christ, who teaches us to lay down our rights for the sake of others.

Jon Deedrick

Jon is the Executive Vice President of Reaching & Teaching, having assumed this role after leading the ministry through a time of transition as Interim President. The Deedricks live in Louisville, KY, and belong Third Avenue Baptist Church, where Jon serves as an elder. Jon is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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