Southeast Asia D&T



D and T both recently graduated from a one year training program tailored for the specific and difficult task of learning at least two more languages to fluency in order to take the Gospel to a people that have never heard of Christ (Romans 15:20). D will be completing a pastoral internship through their local sending church in Las Vegas, NV.  They will be going with their four young children to SouthEast Asia, Lord willing, in the Spring of 2022. Upon arrival they will begin learning the first language and once fluent will seek to move into the next context in order to take the Gospel to an unreached and unengaged people group, joining another family that is already there.  They seek to plant a long lasting, evangelistic local church in an unreached and unengaged language group and then train up elders in order to leave the Church in the care of indiginous leaders. This will also involve creating a literacy program and possibly a Bible translation.  They feel privileged to serve the King in this way and desire to bring glory to God in all their efforts.