Southeast Asia

T got saved at her home church in California in 2010, and has been discipled in the church for 10+ years where she grew a burden for serving the Lord in areas of the world where there is no church. She has a masters degree in applied linguistics, and hopes to use these skills to help people engage with the Word of God in their own native language, and surrender to Christ as their Lord and Savior in spite of the opposition they will face. She has also received fieldwork training at Radius International, where she grew in competency and character for the work that the Lord has for her in the hardest to reach places of the world. God has led her to join a team in North Africa whose focus is to plant a healthy church in the northern most region of the country – where there is no healthy indigenous church. She is currently involved in partnership development stateside, and Lord willing she will be able to join the team in the fall of 2022.