AW and JJ have been living in the MENA region since 2013, serving 3 years in one country for an apprenticeship. The last 3 years they have served in a location where there are few known Christians.  AW and JJ want to see a local church established in their region where they along with locals can evangelize the lost, make disciples, model and teach maturity in Christ, work together to translate rich theological resources in order to make them accessible for others throughout their host country, while equipping and training future church planters and pastors in ministry and theology with a plan to send them out to plant or strengthen other churches in the region and surrounding countries with their business as a helpful vehicle for local indigenous leaders to be supported. In the last few years, AW and JJ have worked hard to establish this business and see it serving their ministry in effective ways. Over the last 2 years they have seen God bringing together older and newly converted Christians into a church in the region. Also, in the last two years AW began modular theological training workshops with local pastors and aspiring leaders with a similar but neighboring region. AW had been serving prior to this year as the functional preaching and teaching pastor for this new church plant. They long to continue this work for the Glory of Christ among these nations.