Guachochi (Wah-CHOH-chee) is nestled in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This region is more specifically known as the Sierrra Tarahumara. Some adventure-seeking tourists visit the nearby Copper Canyons to hike, climb, and run the trails of the Tarahumara. The Tarahumara (Tah-rah-oo-MAH-rah) people found refuge from the Spanish by hiding in the remote parts of the canyons centuries ago. Today, they live in these canyons, sharing the Gospel from village to village.


The training at Guachochi is a strategic opportunity to equip pastors and leaders from across this region. The classes meet in the Iglesia Bautista Guachochi in the center of town. The site will host 25-30 Tarahumara and Mestizo pastors, missionaries and leaders.

Travel & Accommodations

Teams will fly into the city of Chihuahua and will be transported through the Sierra by missionary vehicle to the training site. Reaching & Teaching teams will stay in hotel rooms in Guachochi and lead the training at Iglesia Bautista Guachochi.

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