Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

New Life Church is an elder-led congregational church in Abu Dhabi, that was planted by the Evangelical Community Church (ECC). God initiated His plans for this church in early 2008 by stirring the hearts of the ECC pastoral leadership, as well as a small group of faithful members, who were living off-island (about 40 minutes drive from the present church compound). Their desires to start a new church for God’s glory were realized in May of 2009 when the New Life Church was planted. In January of 2012 the Constitution was ratified, and in May of 2012, Matthew Levant was called to serve as the first pastor. Gareth Franks was called in 2017 and became the second (and current) pastor to serve New Life Church, Abu Dhabi.

The church focuses on reaching the growing number of people that have moved into the outlying communities off of the primary Abu Dhabi Island. New Life Church is a member of the “Council of Evangelical Churches” in the UAE. We are an international, English speaking, family of believers seeking to give glory to God. We like to think of our church family as a snapshot of the Kingdom of Heaven, as depicted in Revelation 7:9. While we are people of different ages, ethnicities, and callings, we are united in our worship of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, through the saving power of the gospel.

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