North Africa

Since Islam has come into the region in the 8th century the majority of the residents have been culturally Muslim. Christian Mission began in the region in the 1950’s with humanitarian programs. The last 2 decades have begun to propagate “Christian” messages into the region through television and radio. The majority of this has been prosperity preaching or extreme charismaticism. Most Christian workers that have entered the region and have stayed reside primarily in coastline cities and gospel ministry has not entered in lasting ways into the interior among smaller cities and rural settings. The majority of those who have received the gospel have been poorly discipled, if any discipleship has happened at all. The majority of confessing believers live isolated lives unconnected to other believers with no commitment to a local church. This is pioneering work; that is, the work of establishing healthy churches and raising up biblically qualified elders and pastors. Candidates for this position will require creative access, business or ‘tent-making’ platforms, language acquisition, and strong doctrinal convictions for a sustainable long-term ministry.

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