Update from Tambo, Ecuador

Guest post by Reaching & Teaching missionary, Christopher Sills
I am so excited to be able to share with you some of the great things God is doing at RTIM’s training center in Tambo, Ecuador. 
Last month, I had the privilege to work with a small team from the US who came to both teach and help in construction at our training center.  This small team was comprised of three men:  Pastor Steve Weaver of Farmdale Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY, Jason Dudley, and Andrew Zopff.  Though few in number, the Lord used these men greatly for His Kingdom work here in Ecuador. 
Steve Weaver taught a course on hermeneutics, and he taught the entire week in Spanish.  IMB missionary Al Rodriguez volunteered to help us and sat in with Steve in case there was ever a need for help in translation with a word or phrase.  We are so grateful to Al for all his continued help and assistance in what RTIM is seeking to accomplish in Ecuador. 
One of the great blessings we experienced this past week was the presence of five new students!  We are continuing to see the Lord bless and grow RTIM’s ministry here in Ecuador.  The needs that these pastors and lay leaders who come to our training center have become even more apparent to us as more and more men (and women) come thirsty for more understanding of God’s Word, and these needs are   Steve’s pastoral heart and wisdom were valued greatly by these men!

evidenced in the questions that they ask as well as the energy they put into learning all they can from those who come to teach them.

The two others who came to serve with us, Jason Dudley and Andrew Zopff, were able to make a lot of progress in the construction needs that have presented themselves over the past months.  These two men came prepared to work!  Most of Monday, the first day, was dedicated to deciding what materials would be needed and purchasing them from various hardware and lumber stores in Cañar, a nearby town.  Over the following four days, the men were able to install five doors, build 12 beds (6 bunk beds), and build one partition wall as a model for the men of the church to continue dividing one large room into several, smaller guest rooms.  We are indebted to these men for their tireless efforts for the progress of our training center, which will allow us to be able to serve and teach more men the Word of God!
We are also very thankful for the hard work of Pastor Felix Dután, Director of our local RTIM center in Tambo, who helped us this week with contracting the work and purchasing the needed items for the men to be able to make as much progress as they did.  His help necessarily kept him away from the classes, which he regretted somewhat as he wanted to hear what Steve had to teach.  However, without his help the guys would not have been able to accomplish what they did this past week!
The Lord was abundantly good to us this past week, keeping all of us from illness or other major obstacles.  We now look forward with expectancy to see how the Lord will prepare the way for and how He will use the team that comes in March!  Please join us in prayer for the coming months of teaching and training, for the students as they seek to put into practice what they have learned, and for the continuing construction and preparation of the building.  And, please pray for us to be faithful and good stewards of the resources with which God is blessing us so richly!

Christopher Sills

Christopher Sills is a Reaching & Teaching missionary serving in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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