Operations Manager

The Operations Manager works with the Director of Operations to manage and oversee processes and systems within RTIM in a manner consistent with the purpose, core values, and mission statement of the organization. The Operations Manager will serve within the Operations Department and report directly to the Director of Operations.


  • To work alongside the Director of Operations to ensure operational excellence
  • To minister to all personnel by providing operations support in order for them to fulfill their ministry
  • To assist in mediating the organization’s relationship with the third-party accounting firm
  • To provide HR support for all personnel
  • To analyze and improve organizational processes, and to work to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency
  • To provide operations support to each department by ensuring they have the right tools to carry out their responsibilities
  • Oversee RTIM Canada and its operations
  • Domestic travel for conferences and events as requested by RTIM


  • Maintain a growing, maturing walk with God
  • Exemplifies humble, loving, servant leadership
  • Keeps a careful watch over life and ministry
  • Self-motivated, disciplined, and responsible
  • Works well with others, including people with different dispositions and personality types
  • Excellent communicator
  • Submits to those in authority and can serve in a way that is consistent with RTIM core values, vision, and mission


  • Compensation to be agreed upon when hired.
  • Reaching & Teaching employees raise their own salary and ministry expenses and must contribute monthly service fee (7% of receipts or $400/month, whichever is higher) for employment overhead.
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