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Reaching & Teaching believes that the local church is God’s designated vehicle for fulfilling the Great Commission, and so we seek to mobilize churches across the United States and beyond to join us in the work of training pastors and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While the focus of our church partnerships is training pastors and leaders, we often minister in a variety of ways, providing partnering churches a unique opportunity for broader trip participation in ministries such as women’s discipleship, children’s evangelism, and church construction projects.

A partnering church can engage with us at one of three partnership levels for our week-long training modules:

Level 1: A church provides training personnel for the entirety of a selected site’s training program – three weeks a year for three years. Usually, the training takes place in the Spring, Summer, and the Fall.

Level 2: A church provides training personnel for one week during each of the three years of the program.

Level 3: A church provides training personnel for only one week of training at some point during the three-year program.

Here are a few new or potential training locations for which we’re seeking partnering churches:

Anapu, Brazil

20150711_122258Location:  Anapu, Brazil, is located along the southwest edge of the Amazon Basin in the state of Para.  It is located approximately one hour from the newly built Belo Monte Dam on the Chingu River.  Anapu has a population of between 7,000 and 8,000.   Average high temperatures range from the high 80°s to mid 90°s, and average low temperatures are close to 70°.

Overview:  While Anapu is not a large city, it does provide a central location of many small villages.  Most of the villages do not have a church.  The few churches that do exist are being led by godly men who have never had any sort of training.  The church in Anapu is led by Pastor Elson, a godly man who labors much, both in his own church and in the surrounding villages.  The goal for this site is twofold:  (1) To provide training for those who are currently serving as shepherds over small flocks of believers, and (2) To raise up future leaders, both to serve in existing churches and to help plant additional churches in the villages around Anapu.

Macas, Ecuador

ShuarLocation: Macas, Ecuador lies at the edge of the Amazon rainforest  in Ecuador. It is a strategic location for reaching indigenous pastors of the Shuar tribe further in the jungle. From Macas, teams will travel further downriver to a strategic training location where the trainings will take place. Travel by road and by boat is required on this project.

Overview: The Shuar peoples inhabit the Amazon basin region of Ecuador. Historically, they have been closed off to modernization and to the gospel. However, today a network of churches exists among their villages. These churches have pastors with little or no training. Training teams will travel with a Reaching and Teaching field missionary and other field partners to a strategic location for training. Conditions will be primitive and churches or individuals who partner with this site need to be aware of this reality.

Gotera, El Salvador

GoteraLocation: Gotera, El Salvador, is a small city of approximately 21,000 people in the northeastern part  of the country. El Salvador is a communist country, and government control is both seen and felt. The country suffers from prolific gang activity that controls of much of life, whether directly or indirectly. Salvadoran brothers on evangelistic outreach teams have suffered some at their hands, but not the North Americans. Reaching & Teaching has thoroughly investigated the level of security, and we do not believe that our teams will be put in harm’s way. This opportunity is facilitated through an American missionary  who has been working in El Salvador for many years without incident.

Overview: The training at Gotera is a strategic opportunity to equip pastors and leaders in this region. This site will be administrated by Pastor Omar, who has a network of eight churches that he has helped plant. There are 26 cities in this region of El Salvador, and the vision of Pastor Omar is to plant churches in every city. The training classes are to be expected to consist of 25-35 pastors and leaders.

Desaguadero, Peru

DesaguaderoLocation: Desaguadero, Peru lies on the southern shore of Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian border with Peru. It is separated from Desaguadero, Bolivia by the Desaguadero River which drains Lake Titicaca at the south. The city lies over 12,000 feet above sea level and has a relatively mild, dry climate. High temperatures range from 57- 62° F. Low temperatures fluctuate according to the season from 24-39° F.

Overview: The goal at Desaguadero is to equip pastors and leaders for faithful gospel ministry in the region. This site will also help facilitate church planting efforts by preparing the men who will potentially lead these new churches. Our field partner is Pastor Cristobal, who lives in Cusco, Peru. Pastor Cristobal has a burden for training indigenous pastors and requested the help of Reaching and Teaching. This pastor has three current training projects among indigenous pastors in southern Peru.

Alianza, Peru

Achuar_Man_Drinking_ChichaLocation: Alianza, Peru lies on the Pastaza River in the Amazon Basin near the Ecuadorian border. The region is jungle and is only accessible by missionary aquaplane, yet it is home to a significant number of indigenous peoples and pastors to be trained.

Overview: Among the peoples inhabiting this part of the Amazon basin region of Peru are the Achuar, Candoshi/Shapra, and Quechua. Church planting efforts have had considerable success in this region, yet the training needs are great. Training teams will travel to this strategic location where it is expected that a group of 80-100 will be gathered for training.

Costa Abajo, Panama

Costa AbajoLocation: Costa Abajo is a division of the Colón Province of Panama which is divided between the Costa Arriba (Upper Coast) and the Costa Abajo (Lower Coast) regions. Colón is the capital of this province and also a major port city and free trade zone in Panama. Costa Abajo is on the west side of the Panama Canal and is separated from the state capital, Colón, and the Costa Arriba region by the canal. There are approximately 12 communities in the Costa Abajo region. To reach some of these communities, it is necessary to walk along jungle paths   or travel by boat on rivers or the sea. The majority of the communities are coastal, but some are in the interior a bit.

Overview: Our field coordinator is Pastor Amado, who has served in this area for several years and has planted six out of the 7 churches that exist in this area. Pastors and leaders are eager to receive training to equip them to serve their churches and communities more effectively. It is hoped that trained pastors, evangelists, and church planters will develop out of this training to start other churches in the region as well as to reach other areas of Panama.

Editor’s Note: If you are interested in more information about forming a church partnership with Reaching & Teaching, please email

Jon Deedrick

Jon is the Executive Vice President of Reaching & Teaching, having assumed this role after leading the ministry through a time of transition as Interim President. The Deedricks live in Louisville, KY, and belong Third Avenue Baptist Church, where Jon serves as an elder. Jon is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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