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In Praise of Patient Plodding

I’m not a gardener, nor do I have any kind of experience in land cultivation. Nonetheless, whenever I see a fruitful garden, it stirs in me some admiration, even ambition. I’ve yet to do anything with this flash of ambition….

4 Considerations for Your Short-term Trip

When COVID-19 came, short-term missions was put on hold, along with many other activities.  The pandemic has forced the whole world to consider what is “essential” and what is not. While we have to take this pause it is fitting…

The Needs in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country known for its breathtaking scenery, cutting-edge technological developments, and its unparalleled dedication to doing all things with flawless execution. The food is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing. The people are beautiful, intelligent, kind,…

Needs of Southeast Asia

Written by a Reaching & Teaching missionary preparing to deploy to Southeast Asia My friend, Alex*, picked us up from the airport hotel in Jakarta in one of those small, grey compact “vans” that are all too common in Asia….

Fellow Workers in Christ: Your Role in Christ’s Work

Most of the New Testament Letters include greetings at their closing. Colossians includes ten personal names in its conclusion (six in the greetings), but it stands a distant second to the thirty-four names referenced in the greetings that conclude Romans….

5 Ways to Pray for Churches Around the World

“Try this approach, O believer, whenever you are sad of heart and in heaviness of spirit: Forget yourself and your little concerns, and seek the welfare and prosperity of Zion. When you kneel in prayer to God, limit not your…

Pilgrims in a Pandemic

Sometimes it takes a worldwide pandemic to remind us who we truly are. Was it really just last month that we could shop without worrying about empty shelves? Was it really only a few weeks ago that our retirement seemed…

Our Unchanging God in the Ever-changing World

We live in uncertain times. Every day, I turn on the news to get the latest updates about the growing number of patients falling prey to COVID-19, about the new restrictions in place to limit its spread, and about how…

So You Want to Be a Missionary? How to Move Forward While You’re Waiting

I hit “send” on the application to RTIM. I was excited, and a little nervous. Months of praying, researching, and planning had led to this moment. My wife and I had worked hard on the application for RTIM, and finally…

Jesus, the Missionary: Part 3

Today, we’re sharing Part 3 of a series on our blog called Jesus, the Missionary. (Click here for the Introduction, here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.) We are posting one more lesson we can learn from Jesus’…

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