Mat & Amy Kountz



Mat and Amy have lived and served in Kitwe, Zambia and Cuenca, Ecuador with their children – William, Lina, Jude, and Oliver – training and mobilizing leaders for the church. While living in Ecuador they planted a seminary that focused on providing seminary training for students with low income and minimal previous training that also offered an entire training program for those many church leaders who do not read. During the pandemic, the in-person seminary was shut down by the Ecuadorian government and the training had to go online where it quickly expanded to serve students from many countries. At the end of 2023 the Kountz’s moved to the United States for a term to better serve the seminary that at that time had expanded to over a dozen countries. They now focus on running the seminary, expanding its reach through in person satellite schools and online training, and creating resources for Seminaries and Bible Institutes throughout the Spanish and Haitian Creole speaking world.